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Feb 10, 2021 at 09:42 AM

Resend IntegrationObjects from Commerce to Marketing


Hello Community,
we integrated the SAP Marketing extensions into our SAP Commerce Cloud v2005.
Also we implemented the IntegrationObjects, Streams, Channels, and Jobs for the OutboundSync data replication.

So far everything worked as intended, also sending and the data to the Marketing Cloud.
But now we had to wipe the data from the Marketing System and wanted to send it again via Commerce OutboundSync.

Now here comes the problem. The data is only collected and sent, if it hasn´t been sent before, or if there have been changes on the object. I guess this is what the deltadetection does.

Now I´m wondering, how can I send ALL of my Products/Customers/etc. even if they have been sent to the Marketing Cloud before?

BR Lukas