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Feb 10, 2021 at 10:30 AM

Bullet micro chart doesn't work for Grid Table

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Hi all,

I've implemented a bullet micro chart using CDS views using this tutorial as a reference. I then created a list report app and with the default table type it worked fine but when I changed the table type to Grid Table then I only get the value of the chart. According to the fiori elements guidelines Grid tables should support bullet charts.

Default table type:

Grid table:

Here's the CDS view chart code:

@UI.chart: [{ 
              chartType:         #BULLET ,
              measures:          ['chart'],
              measureAttributes: [{ 
                    measure:     'chart' , 
                    role:        #AXIS_1 , 
                    asDataPoint: true 
define view .......   
    @UI:{ lineItem: [{ position: 170 , 
                   type: #AS_CHART, 
                   label: 'Worked status'
    @UI.dataPoint: { title: 'Total Worked Hours' ,
                   targetValueElement: 'plannedWorkHours',
                   minimumValue: 0 ,
                   maximumValue: 200 ,
                   criticalityCalculation: { 
                        improvementDirection:  #MAXIMIZE ,
                        deviationRangeLowValueElement: 'lowerthreshold' ,
                        toleranceRangeLowValueElement: 'plannedWorkHours'
    totalWorked as chart

The reason I want a Grid table is to have a horizontal scroll bar and contain all the line data in one line.
Any help with how I can accomplish that and keep the bullet chart is greatly appreciated.



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