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Feb 10, 2021 at 01:22 AM

Batch determination - LOBM_RLZ_PROZ



I'm using batch determination in EWM embedded with S4 1809. I'm using characteristics LOBM_RLZ_PROZ to calculate the BBD. After create the outbound delivery I can see the batch determination is working fine. All values are correct and the batch proposed is also correct (Batch is not assigned in the ERP delivery). After delivery goes to EWM I can see the batch selection criteria is with the correct value in characteristics LOBM_VFDAT (same as ERP) and here starts the problem. First, the value LOBM_RLZ_PROZ is empty in EWM and the picking warehouse task is choosing a batch using FEFO. As a result, I should pick a batch with LOBM_VFDAT > 08.05.2022 and the WT has a batch with a LOBM_VFDAT = 01.07.2021

Thanks for the help!