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Feb 08, 2021 at 10:42 AM

SAP SF Extension Directory Site Not Found Error



I have configured a new SAP cloud platform subaccount (Neo) with connectivity to SAP Successfactors.

SAP SF is the identity provider and trust has been established with the cloud platform subaccount.

However, when launching the extension directory link for this subaccount, we get the error as per the attached screenshot site-not-found-error.png.

I have enabled and configured the portal service in the subaccount, but when i click in the Go To Service link in portal service, it shows the same error.

Following are the configs done on each side :


  • SAP SF system provisioned with connectivity to SAP CP subaccount
  • Extensions Administrator role is active and user is added to this role.
  • ExtensionServiceUser is part of Extension Service Group
  • A new OAuth2 client application is setup pointing to flpnwc application url

SAP Cloud Platform Subaccount

  • SAP SF system set as default identity provider in trust settings
  • Prinicipal propagation enabled
  • Portal Admin group set with Tenant_Admin role and SAP SF user invoking the extension site
  • Portal Service enabled and role provider set as SAP SF
  • sap_hcmcloud_core_odata destination configured with AssertionIssuer and Client key as the value from the SF OAuth2 client application
  • flpnwc, nwc and nwcdt applications subscribed
  • SAP WebIde configured and works fine

We have also followed the settings in notes 2363135 and 2613081.

The same SAP SF system also points to another Neo subaccount and that works perfectly fine.

Does anyone know what could be the possible cause and solution for this issue?