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Feb 07, 2021 at 10:36 AM

Creating Transfer Order For Delivery Note From Storage Bin


First time post on any sort of forum, please forgive the lack of understanding of rules for such posts.

At our company, we are looking for the ability to move the entire contents of a storage bin over to a delivery note. I know how to use a transfer order to move the entire contents of a storage bin to another storage bin with LT10. I also know how to make a transfer order with LT03 and select stock figures and select the storage units I want to pick for each item individually.

Isn't there a transaction that lets me do this in a simpler manner. EG. Pick the entire contents of a trailer and move them onto our delivery note without having to pick each item. (TO storage unit x to delivery note y).

Our setup is we have storage bins in our warehouse managed storage location. We use homogeneous storage units to represent a pallet of a material. The storage bins can have different materials in them, the storage units cannot. Hopefully this helps to answer my question.

Thank you!