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Feb 05, 2021 at 03:01 PM

ALV standard button in toolbar

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Hello sap gurus,

i'm working now with ALV and I have a problem that many have had (I think). Standard buttons in ALV Toolbar like insert row, delete row will ONLY trigger event data_changed when event mc_evt_modified is registered in method register_edit_event. But for some reasons (what i dont want to go in details) i can not use this event. That means, without the event mc_evt_modified there is no event triggered when user press insert row from toolbar.

I know we can overwrite these buttons like insert row, delete row in the event toolbar with new ok_code and use set_toolbar_interactive method to get the ok_code back in user_command. But in my situation i have to overwrite all these standard buttons, what i really don't want.

My question is, is there any way to trigger one event when user press these buttons above?

My idea to work around: insert row hat ui_function: &LOCAL&INSERT_ROW. I will overwrite it with my new ok_code NEWLINE. In user_command i call cl_gui_cfw=>set_new_ok_code( &LOCAL&INSERT_ROW ) to get the standard functionality form insert row back but it does not work.

I appreciate any help. Thanks and regards



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