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Feb 05, 2021 at 06:37 AM

Returnable Packaging Materials in Delivery not coming correct


Dear Gurus

We are using Returnable packaging materials (LEIH) for HU packing. While picking system is creating additional line items in delivery for LEIH materials (621 Mvt. type). But the quantity of these materials are not correct. System pick some random numbers in quantity for returnable packaging materials. We are picking the HUs using RF screen. (ITS Mobile).

If we check the Pack option under delivery it shows correct information about the packaging materials used for the HUs.

Because the system is not taking correct quantities for the Ret. Packg. Mat. the 621 mvt happen with less quantities then actual thus the stocks at customers end is wrong. Also because of less stock we cannot perform receipt of packaging materials as per physical quantity received. Overall the stock at Plant and at customers end are not matched.

Please help.


Rahul Patel