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Feb 08, 2021 at 02:44 PM

Locale not respected in Crystal Report 2020

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I cannot configure correctly the locale settings for number and currency representation in Crystal Report 2020 installed on a Window 2019 server.

Here's my server and client configuration (note that the thousand separator has been modified from " " to "'" !!!

Here's my cmc user config :

The report config (yes i want to keep the default value of system, because i don't want to need to change the format in every report ), but we can clearly see that the report designer doesn't respect the current locale (and changing the value here, only impacts the selected field)

And the result in the browser or in the page tab of the editor (the red square were added)

This exact configuration (same server, same locale, same report but with Crystal Report Server 2013 (bi4.1)) with Cr2013 does work correctly and show the correct number. In this example : 10'000.00 and 1'000'000.00

Is this a bug ? Where can i specify the correct locale configuration ?

Thanks for all the help that one could offers.


sans-titre.png (231.7 kB)
sans-titre5.png (293.8 kB)
sans-titre3.png (171.9 kB)
sans-titre2.png (338.3 kB)
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