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Feb 07, 2021 at 08:40 PM

SD Accural Value not matching Accounting Document Posting


Hi All

I am looking for a bit of advice, i have the following problem and seem a little stuck.

I am billing my Customer in USD and part of the pricing procedure in these invoices is condition/price for a 2 Euro accural(currency of company code), these 2 Euro charges should post a 2 Euro accural into the accounting document, they do in the main but there seems to be situations it post 1.99 or 2.01 due to currency code flucuations/number of lines.

as an example i have a 2 euro condition showing in my sales invoice as a group condition, the resulting accounting document created shows as per below, where the below shows each line of the invoice/accounting document.

0.25 USD 0.21 EUR
0.76 USD 0.63 EUR
0.65 USD 0.54 EUR
0.42 USD 0.35 EUR
0.34 USD 0.28 EUR

total 2.42 USD 2.01 USD

The 2.01 is the incorrect value, it should be 2.00, is there any way to ensure its always 2.00 euros?