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Feb 05, 2021 at 09:22 PM

PGI Posting Date is one day after the PGI is executed


Gurus, this is the 1st time I ask a question so I want to mention that your support was priceless to me so far.

Question is: Why, sometimes, user executes the PGI today but the field "Posting Date" shows tomorrow?

Details / Example: Our system presents that user executed the PGI manually on Jan/07/2021 and even the billing was created this day, but the field "Posting Date" presents Jan/08/2021 if I check the Material Document Header or the Accounting Document Header. The field "Document Date" shows Jan/07/2021. The accounting posting period is still period 01. I believe such situation occurs only when the user executes the PGI late in the evening, I'm checking this.