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Feb 08, 2021 at 02:02 PM

Production order wrong assembly scrap percentage after quantity update


Hi all,

If we create a production order in SAP with an assembly scrap percentage of 10 percent (resulting from the material master MRP1) and a required quantity of 5 EA, it results in the following scrap/total quantity in SAP. (Scrap = round( 5*10% = 0.2) = 1)

This means the scrap percentage now shows as 20%

If we then update the production order with 1 additional EA, the result in SAP is the following:

Instead of taking the original 10% assembly scrap, SAP take the 20% resulting from the rounding of the scrap. This results in a scrap of 2 EA instead of the expected 1, and in a percentage of now 40%.

If we continue this for a bit, each time adding 1 extra EA to the required quantity, we get to ridiculous situations like this:

Here the amount of scrap is now 200% and 10 EA instead of the 10% and 2 (1.5 rounded) EA from the material master.

What we want is that the production order defaults back to the original assembly scrap percentage each time the quantity is updated.

Is there any way to resolve this, without manually changing the scrap portion each time we want to update the production order quantity?


a.png (4.8 kB)
b.png (5.0 kB)
c.png (4.9 kB)