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Feb 05, 2021 at 07:21 PM

How to accomodate Import Charges in Purchase Orders for Invoicing ?



All conditions that impact the material cost of the raw materials are included in the import pricing schema for import Purchase Orders. All payments against those conditions are made in advance before GR can take place and they occur in stages where for example advance payment is made for LC at sight (retirement) and then a few days later marine insurance is paid, then custom duties etc. etc.

The problem is that if the first invoice is performed then the PO is locked and no conditions can be added hence we are forced to enter estimates for those conditions which may be off from the actual invoices when the time comes.

We have to manually correct those values against each item at the IR Parking (MIR7) stage once the invoice is received which makes it all the more cumbersome.

Is there an easier way to actualize such costs or what is the best practice for such cases?

I would appreciate if any one can guide me with a solution.