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Feb 04, 2021 at 05:07 PM

Dynamically change the displayed (BO subnode) in EC using (OrderItemID or OrderItemUUID)

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I have created a Custom-BO in C4C with an alternative ID id (orderID) and it has (Item [0,n]) node which has (Invoice[0,n]) subnode.

Then, I have created an instance of the Custom-BO and created multiple instances of its child node (Item) and then created multiple subnodes instances for each child.

I am embedded an EC into (COD_SALESORDER_TI.TI > Product Tab > Products > Product Details) and binding (PublicOutpcrtECCCustomerQuoteItem > OrderID) to my EC inport

to Read my CustomBO in (RSOI_Read Event)

and it is displaying the root node content as expected (PURPLE)

But the EC always displays the first instance of the child node (Item in GREEN) and its child-nodes (Invoices in Orange)

* some time it displays the 2nd child item node and its subnodes instead of the first and keeps showing the same one for this specific BO.

I NEED TO make the displayed ITEM subnode & its INVOICE subnodes (GREEN & ORANGE) change dynamically when selecting different row in (in COD_SALESORDER_TI.TI > Product Tab > Products list )

thus the EC inports (PublicOutpcrtECCCustomerQuoteItem > OrderItemID or OrderItemUUID) is auto refined (RED)

EC DataModel


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