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Feb 03, 2021 at 03:40 PM

Missing Delivery Schedule


Hello Expert,

We was an issue and didn't genrate and send the order and forecast (via delivery schedule) to the supplier.

My question are there any reminder to the user and the leader if the message didn't genrated and the supplier didn't received the order in time?

An example:

Generally the supplier need an update at lates 15th days of the month.
- If the message didn't genereated until 10th in the System, the responsible purchaser receive a message that the deadline is comming
- if there isn't generated message until 14th the System send again a reminder to the purchaser and a copy to the leader

We woudn't like to use the automatic sending process. Before the send we need to check the System. The customer order more than the capacity and the MRP generated the material for the missing parts also… Which shows a wrong figure in supplier side.

Sorry perhaps there are discussed topic fot the same issue but I don't find it. I think it is a often issue everywhere.

BEst wishes.