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Feb 03 at 02:46 PM

SAC Administration, folders, teams, users and roles


Dear community,

I have a massive problem getting my task done. I tried to build a solution similar to chapter 21 (SAP Analytics Cloud - Administration) of @Ingo Hilgeforts book Mastering SAP Analytics Cloud.

I also read the wiki entry from @Matthew Shaw ( but somehow I don't get what I want.

I have Public folder which is shared for All Users with Access:Full Control

Inside the Public folder I have a folder named after our company and in this company folder there are separate folders for a few departments.

Each department folder has the same folder setup, like below. The folders of interest are marked green.

I have the following teams which correspond to the subfolders and 2 general teams (marked in green, see later)

I also have 2 custom roles which based on the default BI Content Creator/Viewer roles

My problem is now the following:

  • A User named TEST is member of team XXXX_HR and team STORY_DESIGNER
  • The company folder XXXX is shared for team XXXX_HR including subfolders and access right: only read
  • Subfolder HR is shared for team XXXX_HR with subfolders and access right: only read
  • Subsubfolder Stories/Models/Open Area are shared for team STORY_DESIGNER and access right: edit

Everything works fine so far and if I change the membership of TEST from STORY_DESIGNER to STORY_CONSUMER it is as it should be.

BUT if I repeat all the steps for the 2nd department SD, the user TEST (which is now member of STORY_DESIGNER and XXXX_SD) will also see the subsubfolders from HR (namely Stories/Models/Open Area) on the same level as the Public folder.

I tried several attempts, even with 3 teams like COMPANY, XXXX_HR, STORY_DESIGNER and so on. But every time I assign STORY_DESIGNER anywhere, users will be able to see other departments.

I cannot figure out, where exactly the problem lies. Maybe I make the same mistake over and over again and now I'm not able to detect my reasoning error.

would be great if someone could help

best regards



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