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Feb 03, 2021 at 05:21 PM

Can MRP consider stock of a Phantom Assembly?


We are running S/4HANA 1709.

Our Finished Good (FG) is a bag of two types of wrapped candy: Chocolate-Plain and Chocolate-Nut. These wrapped candies are Semi Finished Good Phantom Assemblies because they are never made alone; they are made only when the FG is made. And generally, we do not stock these Semi Finished Goods.

When MRP runs on the FG it blows through the 2 Phantom Assemblies and gives us one planned order to make the FG and procure the components of the Phantom Assemblies. So far so good…

When making the FG we sometimes (about 2% of the time) end up with unexpected stock of either the Chocolate-Plain or the Chocolate-Nut so we do a 531 movement to goods receive it into inventory.

Question - How can we get MRP to consider/use the stock of the Phantom Assembly Chocolate-Plain so that it plans for us to make less of it this time when making the FG?

We do not want to run Collective Orders because we do not want to always execute Production Orders for the 2 SFGs.

I tried to use Alternative Items on the FG BOM but when the Planned Order ATP check did not work I read SAP Note 125364 which says that Phantom Assemblies cannot be used with Alternative Items on BOMs.

Any other solutions?

Thank you very much.