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Feb 03, 2021 at 05:50 PM

Provisional Pricing/Price Fixation - Commodity Procurement (CPE)


Dear Team,

Background: We have a customer on S/4 HANA 1809 dealing in metal commodities (copper) procurement which is used for FG (Finished goods) for which we are in the process of implementing Commodity Procurement & Sales Solution.


1) Is there a way to enter provisional price manually in the PO/SO instead of auto-calculations via CPE? The pricing condition type (Calculation type = Q - Commodity Pricing) that we have configured does not allow manual pricing in the PO/SO.

Business rationale to the above is the provisional invoice rate is agreed offline with the suppliers/customers and requires no automation.

2) The final pricing is done via the price fixation (final prices fixed with the suppliers/customers for the respective QP month) process that we are updating in the PO & SO. The price fixation that is done with our customers/suppliers is per QP month.

What is the best practice in terms of creating the PO/SO considering the price fixation process? One PO per QP month and the PO lines 1:1 with GRN or 1:n with GRN? The issue that we are having is if we have multiple PO lines - user will have to manually calculate/split the price fixation and apply in the respective PO lines to the respective qty as the price fixation is exercised on the PO line item level.

Please suggest.