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Feb 03, 2021 at 12:18 PM

Help with accessing ES workplace


Hello SAP Experts,

I remember the first time I had accessed esworkplace and I was able to determine what are all the SAP standard options available for a new interface that needs to be created. After a long time, I got a chance to design and create a new interface but unfortunately it looks like esworkplace has been moved. I went through many questions regarding this in the forum and all say that after some time esworkplace became available to them. But I tried for the past 1 day and it has not been reachable to me. Could someone please tell me how to get access for esworkplace? If there is an alternative way ie., other than esworkplace then please let me know.

Currently I need to design an interface to fetch and send Customer Master Data from S4H system to a 3rd party system via SAP PI and if you can help me on how to go about it then I will be grateful to you.


Ajeya G V