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Feb 03, 2021 at 05:52 AM

External Storage for Business documents - Managing server outages


Hi all,

We are currently testing using External Storage (Content Server MaxDB) for storage of Business documents instead of in SOFFCONT1.

Config is setup and working. What we can’t find any good guidance on is error management.

For Example:

If, for some reason there is an unplanned outage of the Content Server:

  • How are failed items identified?
  • What has the potential to fail.
  • Purchase Orders, GOS attachments, Payment advices we know of.

With some of these the user doesn’t always get an advice that an error has occurred.

SLG1 shows some errors but information is limited.

CCMS can alert basis but we need a way to manage information for users to repeat/correct actions.

Would be interested to know how others manage this.