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BO Universe - Better way to manage Input Parameters and Variables

Feb 17, 2017 at 08:34 AM


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I understand that there are following 2 ways to manage HANA Input parameters and variables in BO Universe at present -

1. Create universe directly on HANA calculation view with input parameters and variable [using HANA Business layer functionality without derived table]. Prompts are automatically added while running the query against this universe. It creates query similar to what is shown below in WEBI.

select a, b, c from <<calculation view>> ('PLACEHOLDER'=' ')

2. Create a derived table in BO Universe based on calculation view and the use the same in WEBI report. It creates query similar to what is shown below

select a,b,c from (select a,b,c,d from <<calculation view>> ('PLACEHOLDER'=' '))

I would like to know how these queries are internally treated between BO and HANA.

Following are my queries -

1. In approach 1, does data get filtered in HANA and then filtered rows are returned to BO?

2. In approach 2, is all the data returned to BO from HANA and then it is filtered on BO side?

3. Performance wise which is better? [approach 1 is what I feel]

4. In approach 1, we can not manage the prompt text. It shows what has been set in HANA [sometimes even includes package hierarchy]. Can this be changed in BO?

Thanks & Regards,

Abhijit Ingale

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