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Feb 12, 2020 at 01:27 AM

Time dependent WBS element values in Fixed Asset Master Record system behavior



I know the WBS element field was introduced into the asset master record in two places in the 1911 release: Time Dependent Data and Origin data.

In the Origin data field for us this shows the linked investment project element (for investment measure/auc assets), that connection seems straight forward from a system standpoint in that expenses are settled to the investment measure periodically when the settlement job is run.

My question really surrounds what happens if the Time Dependent WBS element field is populated in addition to the Cost Center/Profit Center. Our business would like to keep track of what project/project element an asset was part of (ex. how many fridges are part of new store projects vs remodel/replacement projects), but my fear is that if this WBS field is populated that depreciation, etc. will use the WBS element for postings and not the Cost Center/Profit Center as we intended. Is this the case?

Is there a way we can store the information about the project that asset was related to without screwing up the depreciation and other periodic asset activities (ie this field being statistical)?