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Feb 13, 2020 at 01:21 AM

Manufacturers part number on product


Hi Team,

Can anyone help with the below customer query.

We need to have the manufacturer’s part number on our product, PO and layout as this is used to receive and pick goods at the warehouse. We are having to go down the path of creating a custom field because the field Manufacturer Part Number is not available on the Product (KBA 1663748). Can you tell us when this will be available or suggest another field that can be used which is also available on the PO form without extensive customising?

Our other option is to use the EAN field to hold this number without validation and then move to using EAN’s later on however we cannot turn off the EAN validation message WE216 (incident 106018) in our system, this is only available in S/4 on premise.

Please suggest a workaround for this using standard S/4HANA cloud.