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Jan 29, 2021 at 06:03 PM

How to value "Account Holder"/"Alternative Payee" field for One Time Customer


Hi all,

for a project where is used One-Time Customer, I need to fulfill an Account Holder or Alternative Payee in the One-Time Customer line item in accounting documents, in order to issue a refund for a credit note where the IBAN code name is different than the customer invoice name.

For example

One Time Customer Invoice name= Giorgia Rossi

IBAN name = Matteo Rossi

We need to populate the field "Account holder" with "Matteo Rossi" in order to report this information in the SEPA xml file. Otherwise, the system automatically reports the One Time Customer Invoice name "Giorgia Rossi"; in this way, the bank would reject the payment because the IBAN code is not linked to the right holder.

Can you help me? Do you have some solutions to suggest?

Thanks in advance,