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Jan 26, 2021 at 07:27 AM

Cannot determine the period for rule 17 to 12/28/2020 #COE #MODPIZZA



We're trying to post a partial capitalization to an asset as of the start of our fiscal year (12/28/2020) from an investment project element and getting the following error:

Period Rule 17.JPG

Period Control 17 FYV SA.JPG

Period Control 17 is maintained for these years however (including an entry of 12/31 as instructed by SAP for fiscal years that don't end in alignment with the calendar year), so we again do not know why the system is struggling to know what period/fiscal year to apply for this asset accounting transaction and are trying to close period 1 of fiscal year 2021. How do we fix this issue, and secondarily how can we solve these types of errors for our system moving forward so that they aren't yearly recurring issues around this time for our fiscal year?