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Jan 21, 2021 at 04:54 AM

multiple emails in clerk's internet add.


Dear Experts,

In Maintain Business Partner, I have inserted several email addresses in field INTAD (table KNB1) in the Customer Financial view of a business partner for a specific company code.

I created a correspondence (app. Create Correspondence) and sent an Account Statement. It did work !

We then consider to mass upload lot's of customers with multiple Clerk's internet addresses (mostly 2 adresses). We tested a mass maintenance on one BP and it did work.

But we do not have for the moment the dunning by email and cannot test if it would work.

This might be wanted by SAP in standard, but I am not sure.

Do you know if multiple clerk's internet addresses (separated with a ";") will be compatible with the dunning process by email ?

Do you know if this could be an issue on any process using that field (especially with F110, or any other if you know about an issue ?...)

Thanks for your return.

Kind regards