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Jan 13, 2021 at 09:59 AM

WBS field in F-90


Hi experts,

Does anybody tried to buy fixed asset using transaction F-90 (Post Aquisition integrated AP) against WBS element?

When i ty to do this I dont see the option to choose WBS element. The field Cost center appears, but is inactive, and the WBS field doesn´t appear at all =((


1. Create Asset using Create Asset APP

2. Enter in F-90

(If i change transaction type to AA - nothing changed)

Does anybody tried to do the same and the field WBS appeared?

Could you tell me, please if there are some the configuration steps I have to do to display the field?

Maybe you know which layout for FA i should use or maybe GL account confugurations?

Thank you,



32187-image.png (40.7 kB)
32188-image.png (53.5 kB)
32189-image.png (74.7 kB)
32190-image.png (62.2 kB)