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Dec 23, 2020 at 04:33 AM

Import Financial Plan data: Extension Fields to match actual.


We are using an Extension Field in our 1HB setup and it works beautifully. However we noticed the Actual is coming in at YY1_FieldName_SRH. Our Plan data is on YY1_FieldName_JEI. We looked into extending YY1_FieldName_SRH to the "Import Financial Plan Data" App but this is not available.

We desire the Plan and Actual to be aligned wherever possible. Did I miss something on the YY1_fieldname_SRH where we could extend for planning?

My worst case is that we can have the reporting team sum the rows to display SRH and JEI on one row for comparisons Plan V Actual. I am wondering if there is a smarter way that we have missed?

Thanks for your help and thoughts.