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Dec 17, 2020 at 08:46 AM

Data View with field "LGFSB" not found


Hello Experts,

Our client is currently maintaining the "Storage location for EP" (LGFSB) in MRP2 view of material master. So when goods receipt is prepared, system will post into that storage location. Sometimes due to physical conditions they have to take the goods receipt into the temporary storage locations other than Storage location for EP. And afterwards they move the stock to original storage location. For that they want to create a query with following details. * Material code * Plant * Current storage location * Current stock * Storage location for EP So that they can take appropriate decision to move the stock to their original storage location doing stock transfer.

I have checked the released views for stock but I am not able to find any view with "Storage location for EP (LGFSB)" with 'released' status to create custom query. I noticed that ideally this field should be available in view "I_ProductPlant" but it is not available there too. Can you please suggest alternative to this solution ?