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Dec 17, 2020 at 02:53 AM

Custom Analytical Query - filtering issue



We've noticed an issue with the filtering of an existing custom analytical query we've made.

The query has a number of filtering options (Prompts) you can choose to apply before loading the data, please see image below:

"Person" is one of these "Prompts". The "Person" data is taken from the data source: I_TimeSheetRecord.PersonWorkAgreement.

When previewing the custom analytical query in Q-system and choosing to add a filter on "Person" you'll get a number of people to choose between, please see below:

However in P-system (after the transport has been made), we aren't able to choose anyone from the "Person" prompts.

Any idea why the version works fine in Q but not in P?



32026-image.png (48.0 kB)
32027-image.png (65.5 kB)