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Dec 08, 2020 at 03:04 AM

#COE #DELOITTE #SAPCOE- Non Project Related Task Types


Dear Team

I have added the Non Project relates task types - in Config your Solution SSCI 101864- They are sorted alphabetically according to the task type we noticed. We are happy with that and expected that the list will appear exactly like that when opening Manage My Timesheet App but it is not the case. The list appear differently and the list differs per user, for me the list start with tasks type that start with P, for another user they start with M

I have attached the list added in Config and screenshots from Manage My Timesheet from different users.

Please advise how do we get the list to appear alphabetically in Manage My Timesheet as it is appearing in Config.

The other thing I need your help and guidance with is if we have a Task Type that has been used in production but we now don't need to use and see it when opening Manage My Timesheet. is there a way to hide the task from appearing on the users List?

Thank you for your assistance always.

Kind regards,

Angelina Ramaisa