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Nov 27, 2020 at 10:32 AM

Purchase on behalf of in Requisition Apps


Dear Community,

I can't find a proper answer, I do have the following question.

At our customer we would like to create purchase requisitions on behalf of another user. I created a requisition group, assigned people in the user defaults to this group. However, the only possibility I can find to purchase on behalf of another user, is via the 'My Purchase Requisitions' app. If you copy a requisition in this app, you are able to adjust the requestor.

In the other regular purchase requisition apps (create purchase requisition, manage purchase requisitions - professional) I do not find the possibility to adjust the requestor. I tried to maintain the layouts in these apps, to add the requestor to the layout. Without any success.

Any tips? Or is the functionality only available in the My Purchase Requisitions app?