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Nov 16, 2020 at 05:07 AM

Analytics experience following S/4HANA release 2011


Hi community;

I would like to know about your experience with anything related to Analytics following the 2011 release. Whilst we haven't found many regression issues in other areas, we encountered many issues in the analytics space like:

- Specific Custom Analytical Queries are no longer working following the upgrade - caused by underlying CDS Views

- Some dimensions no longer showing in Analytical Query when using a Display Variant

- Dropping Key/Text options for some dimensions in AQ

- Memory issues in embedded SAC stories following the upgrade

- Some CDS views (in deprecated app) can no longer be edited with the check failing, forcing migration of views

- Software Collection can't be exported following the upgrade due to corrupt AQs although the AQs are working in Q and P systems

We have created incidents for all the issues but keen to know if other companies have experiences something similar. Note that most of our views have been created a couple of years ago and some are relatively complex stacked views.