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Nov 05, 2020 at 12:41 PM

Post Outgoing Payment exchange rate difference can't define Cost Center #COE #MODPIZZA



We are trying to clear a credit memo to a customer (billing doc) and the bank statement item associated with the payment to the customer which both have the transaction amount of $269.62 CAD but USD rates (USD is the company code currency).

  • We issued the Billing Doc in SAP crediting AR for $201.75 USD / $269.62 CAD on 10/20/2020.
  • The related bank payment was part of the 10/22 bank statements and was processed into SAP at $205.04 USD / $269.62 CAD

When we attempt to post the payment to the customer using Post Outgoing Payment to clear the Billing Doc at the $269.62 CAD / $205.04 USD the system throws an error saying that we need to specify a cost center (or some other cost objects) for account we've defined in account determination that should be used for currency adjustments (in our case 76000000). We see nowhere to specify or define this in the item selection of this app, so how do we do this?

We've had similar issues with the Post Incoming Payments Fiori app and have had to use the older version of the app for Customers which prompts you to specify this info prior to posting (no such luck with an older app here).