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Oct 20, 2020 at 08:46 AM

#COE #QUINNOX Group Financial Statement-Report Logic


Hi Team,

I am asking this question on behalf of Quinnox customer.

Report extracted form app “ Group Financial Statement “ in S4HANA public cloud , we are getting below discrepancies in terms of values populated:

  1. There is no GL level break up since the amount which is flown in the report is not traceable. Currently lowest drill down available till FS items values of which not matching with regards to opening and closing balances.
  2. AP & AR Affiliates is getting populated which ideally should be eliminated. This should not be a part of this report.
  3. Loan Payable & Receivable Affiliates also should be eliminated and not be a part of the report.
  4. Opening Amounts: Opening values are not matching with books on YTD level.

Set variables:

Version- Y10(Actuals)

Fiscal Year- Cal. Year, 4 Special Periods 2018


Consolidation COA- Y1(XXXX Consol Chart of Accts)
Period Mode: YTD

FS Item Hierarchy- XXXX_BS( Balance Sheet_XXXX)

Ledger-CA( XXXX USA)