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Sep 28, 2020 at 05:45 AM

SAP Best Practices 1909 FPS02


We are planning to install a brand new S/4 HANA 1909 FPS02 Instance. Please help guide us by answering the below questions.

The intended use of this system is to explore all the available Best Practices.

Client Creation:
1. If the intention is to only explore, do you recommend both the Best Practices client as well as Merged Client? Asking coz we are not sure if we can scope everything before the project team starts testing.
Can we use both Best Practices and Merged Client in the same System?

1. How accurate does our scoping and localizations should be before we start activating Best Practices? Do we have the flexibility to activate certain scope items at a later stage?

Latest Best Practices Content:

SAP Admin guide specifies to use the latest content from note 2776548 but as we are using 1909 FPS02, we must use note 2917623, is this correct?

Upgraded system:
We currently have a Sandbox which was installed as 1709 and then upgraded to 1809 and 1909FPS02 over the last two years. Is there any possibility to create a brand new Best Practices client in this system and activate 1909 Best Practices in this client? This will avoid us creating a new system.