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Sep 16, 2020 at 07:14 AM

Backorder Processing (BOP) - Unconfirmed quantities required


Dear user community,

Here I am again with a question concerning the Backorder processing tool available in S/4 HANA Cloud.

I have been playing around with different fields available in the BOP segment tool; I even checked the catalog to see which extra fields are available to add.

Unfortunattely, I did not find a way to deal with my request: Scheduling backorder processing, but leave out items already fully confirmed. We want to prevent re-confirmation.

Thank you for your help. It seems a standard business requirement, so I cannot believe it is not available in S/4HC :)

I will create a change request when the answer to my question here is negative.

In ECC we are able to leave already confirmed items out of the scope by selecting below field:


31888-image.png (72.6 kB)