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Sep 14, 2020 at 02:10 AM

How to display the "Current Approver" information in "Manage Service Entry Sheets" APP


Our customer is managing Professional Project and needs to view the approval status of the payment request of "Purchase Order" of services, the data is maintained in the Excel, those data can be imported to S/4HANA Cloud Essential Edition through the "Import Employees" APP, and the review and approval process will be done via "Manage Service Entry Sheets" and "My Inbox" (" My Inbox "), with the procurement group as a condition to trigger the approval process.

At present, the customer can only see the payment requestor of the purchase order and the approval flow status is "In Process " or "approved", without the information if the work flow reached to the 2nd approver or 3rd approver or the final approver, the customer appreciates SAP expert team's guidance to add a filed for the information of "current approver" status such as the the email address or the name of the current approver, can we support this?

管理服务条目表Manage Service Entry Sheets_Current Approver_当前审批人.png

Note: Customer is using Service and Material Procurement - Project-Based Services (‏J13‏)'F2027')/S22