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Sep 09, 2020 at 04:09 AM

Problem with the amount of the edocument Mexico


Problem with the amount of the edocument Mexico

Hellow everybody, below I detail the problem I have with the amount in the edocument Mexico.

First as you can see in the screeshot below, is the customer invoice:

as we can see, the invoice has a net value of 28.750 and a total value of 33.350.

But when I go the Edocument Cockpit app to display the edocument in a PDF:

The amounts don't match with the original invoice ones:

As we can visualize now the total amount is different and this is because the amount of the products are different:

  • Amounts in the APP "Manage Billing Documents":

  • Amounts in the APP "Edocument cockpit":
  • and same happens with the xml:

    To conclude simply mention that the amount of the Billing document is the correct one and I don't understand why in the edocument and xml appear different ones, if someone can help me I will be eternally grateful.


    31066-image.png (752.7 kB)
    31067-image.png (251.2 kB)
    31068-image.png (124.3 kB)
    31069-image.png (85.1 kB)
    31070-image.png (63.7 kB)
    31071-image.png (143.5 kB)
    31072-image.png (118.3 kB)
    31073-image.png (116.0 kB)