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Sep 08, 2020 at 01:55 AM

If scheduled job will run during system upgrade downtime?


Hi Experts,

We set one daily job in our S4HC system. We would like to know whether the job could run normally during system upgrading downtime? For exmaple, we set one job runing at 7:00 am every day, including weekends. In the quarterly upgrading day, system will be unavailiable at 7:00 am. After system upgrade completing, what the job result will be?

1. The job will be executed normally at 7:00 am?
2. The job will be executed instandly once system availiable?
3. The job will be executed at next day but not at upgrading day?

Which option is right? Or it depends on the specific job function? Please provide some inputs.

Best Regards,