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Aug 31, 2020 at 09:05 AM

#COE#Deloitte - Assistance in Troubleshooting error message: There are still working times not yet submitted or waiting approval


A User is trying to close a project and receives the error message "There are still working times not yet submitted or waiting approval"

The workflow for the approval of overtime has been checked and there is nothing outstanding in any of the project managers workflow waiting for approval. (Normal Time is automatically approved).

Do I understand correctly that the "still working times not yet submitted" would mean that each individual on the customer project would need to check there individual time sheets if they have allocated overtime hours on the time sheet but not yet submitted the time?

If this is the case, we currently have about 60 employees on the project allocated on different Work package levels, is there a way were we can get this information without having to ask 60 employees to check there time sheets over a 10 month project?