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Aug 27, 2020 at 10:14 AM

Change Tax classification


Hi all,

we have a question regarding the tax classification in sales orders,

If dealing with a foreign customer (Outside of Germany for us), we have to set the tax classification manually for each item line in the sales in order to act in regardance of tax laws.

For example:

Sales order contains materials with a total worth of 2.500€, and services with a total worth of 500€.

Materials with full tax have the tax classification 1 and services with full tax are classified as 6.

When billing the sales order, our sales specialists now have to see if the worth of materials is greater than services, or vice versa.

If as in the example, materials have a greater worth, every service position in the sales order now manually has to be set to tax classification 1 to get the correct tax class for the SO.

Is there a way for the system to automatically detect which tax classifiation would have to be set in each item line?

The procedure would be:

- Foreign customer? If YES then:

- Calculate total value of material in sales order

- Calculate total value of services in sales order

- Set all tax classifications of the minor result (Services in E.g.) for each position in Sales order to the tax classification of the superior value (Materials in E.g.)

Thanks very much for your help!