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Aug 25, 2020 at 08:26 AM

Output Parameter Determination (automatic or manual) ?


Dear all,

I wonder what is the purpose of Output Parameter Determination. I understand that it is usefull to create for print or mail automatically a document for instance, when all criterions are fullfilled.

But is it necessary to use the Output Parameter Determination if you want to create a manual correspondence directly from SAP ?

For instance if you do not need to automatically send dunning (once the run cycle has been launched of course) but only to send a single dunning to a single correspondant, would you need to make the settings in Output Parameter Determination ? How if yes, how woumd you avoid the dunning to be automatic ? This is not a real case, but it will help me understand when to use Output Parameter Determination and what should we use to Create Single Correspondances and set it.

Best regards,


Best regards