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Aug 21, 2020 at 10:53 AM

Net Due Date missing in API Purchase Order and Sales Order


Dear Experts, we need to have the information about the net due date in the API relative to Purchase Order and Sales Order. We checked if this field exist but it is missing so we supposed two possible workaround: A) We tried to infer the net due date by adding up the CashPaymentDate field to PaymentTerms field (this solution it is not applicable to each payment terms for example for the payment term 004 because in this case it is necessary also the base line date); B) In the API exsist the field "net payment terms" but for each excuted test it was always empty (how this field can be valorized?). Could you help us to understand how to extract this data from API of Purchase Order and Sales Order? Do you Known if exists other workaround about this topic? Thank you. Regards, Roberta