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Aug 21, 2020 at 08:05 AM

Custom CDS View Summation


Hi thereI am trying to build a Custom CDS View in S4HANA Public Cloud and cannot seem to create something with an aggregated figure as I have to use the Key of the Primary Data Source. Is there a way around this? I need the data to be aggregated to the higher level so that I can join it to another CDS View with the same granularity so that I don't cause a 1 to Many cardinality. Specifics: Aggregating CDS View I_TimesheetRecord to an PersonWorkAgreement and CalendarDate level and combining this withI_TimeOverviewByWrkAgrmtAndDteon the same granularity. This is is done so we can compare Standard Hours to Captured Time and pick up if there is any missing time for a user. If I keep the Primary Key of I_TimesheetRecord in play I will create multiple links to theI_TimeOverviewByWrkAgrmtAndDteCDS View and this will warp the data. Can anyone help?