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Aug 21, 2020 at 08:01 AM

Custom Analytical Report on Project - Resorce utilization


Hi Team, I have a customer requirement to have a custom report to analyze resource utilization. Which is on par with the Notify Missing timesheet app but with additional information. However, due to authorization constraints, they need a custom report to view by different stakeholders. They name the report as BudgetvsActuals, Meaning they want to know, how many hours have been assigned to a resource in a project, how many hours were staffed, submitted, Approved, or Rejected. This report has to be on employee wise details. To achieve this, I have used custom CDS views to create a custom Analytical query. However, while previewing the data, the Query shows the wrong and duplicate data. Following CDS views were used: created a new Custom CDS View YY1_EmpTimeSheetReport with Associated data sourceI_EngmntProjStaffingAnlysCube. Attached the document for better understanding. Please guide me on how to resolve this issue. Thanks, Vikris