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Aug 21, 2020 at 07:55 AM

Partial Transfer of time from 1 work package to another work package through timesheet API (API_MANAGE_WORKFORCE_TIMESHEET)


Hi All, We have a scenario where we need to transfer a part of booked hours from 1 work package to another work package. For example, We have posted 8 hours on work package "A" through timesheet API. We would like to transfer 2 hours from this work package "A" to work package "B" so that I could see 6 hours in work package "A" and 2 hours in work package "B". This is our requirement. For this, we tried using the update operation in the timesheet API but system made hours in work package "A" to 0 and posted 2 hours in work package "B". We understand this is the normal functionality of update operation but would like to know if there are any other ways to achieve the partial transfer of hours. Thanks in advance. Ann Paul