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Consuming XSJS into SAP Design Studio Dashborad

Hi all,

I am trying to consume XSJS (xs app) into design studio1.6 dashboard. Whereas the XSJS is calling dynamic SQL (read-write stored proc) from HANA.

1. How can we consume xsjs inton DS? Is it possible way?

2. We can map parameter witnin DS applications. But can we map parameter of DS app to parameter in XS app (built in HANA development) ? If Yes, please explain.

3. Is there any work around to directly use read-write procedure to call into design studio?


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  • Hi Nupur,

    Before getting into the technicalities of trying to integrate an XSJS application with Design Studio, to provide context it would be helpful if you could explain the business scenario / use case you are trying to implement.



  • Former Member Mustafa Bensan

    Hi Mustafa,

    I am trying to provide data from HANA (using stored procedure) on user input. This user input has around 6-7 parameters, user can input single or multiple parameter depending on which it will return result set (select query). This screen is developed using xsjs. The stored proc. fetches data from HANA table. The table consists of various vehicle (configuration sold ) data . Now parameters are the columns of tables such as vehicle_model, vehicle_engine, etc.




    stored-proc.txt (1.4 kB)

1 Answer

  • Posted on Feb 21, 2017 at 10:42 AM

    Hi Nupur,

    You cannot directly consume an XSJS service in Design Studio. You should create a HANA Calculation View with input paramaters, that returns the same result set as your current stored procedure. You can then directly consume the Calculation View as a data source in Design Studio. The input parameter values can be passed to the calculation view from the Design Studio application.



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