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Aug 21, 2020 at 05:46 AM

1LE - Opentext AP invoice process where Supplier has 2 bank accounts - non PO scenario


We're using scope item 1LE and have a scenario where the Supplier has 2 bank accounts maintained on the master record, both have IBAN numbers maintained. When testing with a Supplier invoice the PDF invoice does have the IBAN number on for the 2nd bank account, however this is not being read and populated on the Draft invoice, the first bank account is being selected and use for the payment, not the bank account that is on the PDF invoice and on the Supplier record. Is this standard behaviour. When reading the set up for 1LE Best practice it does imply that the IBAN number should be read - but it does not appear to be doing so. (page 42) extract below - this is in the Starter system. PDF invoice extract showing the IBAN