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Aug 21, 2020 at 05:42 AM

HTTP error 500 on SOAP API MMPUR_PURREQUISITIONREQUEST_IN but no error in S/4HANA Message Dashboard


Hi there, When I try to send a purchase requisition to S/4HANA Cloud via SOAP APIMMPUR_PURREQUISITIONREQUEST_IN no clear error message is sent in return, other than: <soap-env:Envelope xmlns:soap-env="">; soap-env:Client Web service processing error; more details in the web service error log on provider side (UTC timestamp 20200713085051; Transaction ID 0F88E30D03EC0260E005EFFA2903A8D0) The error log can be accessed by service provider from SAP backend This is probably because the SOAP API call is asynchronous. However, I do not see any message coming in on the S/4HANA Message Board.To be able to monitor messages transferred by this service, I did assign the following recipient to my user account: Namespace:/MMPUR Recipient Name:MMPUR_PREQN_IN I also did assign the roleIKBR_CONF_EXPERT_BUS_NET_INT to my user account to have access to the Message Dashboard. Still I do not see any incoming messages as shown below. My message for the creation of a purchase requisition has the following content:">; <MessageHeader> <CreationDateTime>2020-07-11T00:00:00Z</CreationDateTime> <TestDataIndicator>false</TestDataIndicator> <SenderBusinessSystemID>PLANON</SenderBusinessSystemID> <RecipientBusinessSystemID>S4HANA</RecipientBusinessSystemID> </MessageHeader> <PurchaseRequisition> <ActionCode>01</ActionCode> <ItemListCompleteTransmissionIndicator>true</ItemListCompleteTransmissionIndicator> <PurchasingRequisitionType>NB</PurchasingRequisitionType> <PurchaseRequisitionText>Test Marcel New iFlow</PurchaseRequisitionText> <ExtProcmtRefDocument>ReqExtRef</ExtProcmtRefDocument> <PurRequisitionReqItm> <ActionCode>04</ActionCode> <PurReqItemCategory>0</PurReqItemCategory> <PurchasingGroup></PurchasingGroup> <PurchaseRequisitionItemText>Hardware 001 - 1e item</PurchaseRequisitionItemText> <Material>HW0001</Material> <SupplierMaterialNumber>12345-90</SupplierMaterialNumber> <PurReqnPrice> <PurReqnPrice currencyCode="EUR">260.00</PurReqnPrice> <PurReqnPriceQuantity unitCode="PC">1</PurReqnPriceQuantity> </PurReqnPrice> <PurReqQuantity unitCode="PC">10</PurReqQuantity> <DeliveryDate>2020-08-10T00:00:00Z</DeliveryDate> <Plant>3710</Plant> <MaterialGroup>L008<