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Aug 21, 2020 at 03:58 AM

"Auto Goods Receipt" for Products that have SLED defined in Material master


Hi experts Auto Goods receipt not happening after confirmation through "Enter Order and Operation" app. I have made the following settings: 1. I am using YBP3 control key in routing operation that the "Automatic Goods Receipt" indicator is already set. 2. In "Production Scheduling Profile" configuration step, I activated the "Automatic Goods Receipt" in Production scheduling profile that is assigned to finish product in work scheduling view of material master. After the above configuration, because I activated the SLED in material master, and there is no "Date Of Manufacture" field in "Enter Order and Operation" app, the material movement is going to COGI. Is there any way to add "Date Of Manufacture" field to be able to use "Auto Goods receipt" for the products that have SLED in Cloud solution? Regards Reeza